Street: A Thematic Child Theme by CozmosLabs

Thematic expert, Cristi at CozmosLabs has released another excellent Thematic Child Theme. This one’s called Street.

The Street Theme

Here’s what Cristi had to say about it:

Street is something that was created from a spark of inspiration,
something that I felt should look like this. This wasn’t thought out
nor planed. It took only 4 days from the initial idea to the launch of
the theme.

Street Features:

  • It uses the beautiful Vegur Free Font for the headings and main menu, implemented by Cufon (text replacement technique).
  • Upload your own logo or header image from the “Street Theme Options”.
  • One Column page template that spans the width of the page

6 thoughts on “Street: A Thematic Child Theme by CozmosLabs

  1. Saw this posted on WPTavern a while back asking for feedback. Cozmos Labs definitely produces some of my favorite Thematic child themes.

    To the above commenters asking about color variations, it looks like all the colors are CSS-based. If you’re talking about the red background you can change that in the #access div.

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