10 thoughts on “Sundance is Now Available for WP.org Sites

  1. Hey Takeshi – this theme looks great. I’ve often thought about making a video theme but never actually gotten around to doing it.

    One comment though – the theme demo on WordPress extend is rubbish – it doesn’t show off any of the custom features and functionality of the theme. It’s a shame cos the theme itself is great and I will be digging deep into it to see how you’ve put things together.

    • Hi Ben,

      Did you mean the preview, right? Although what we see through the preview is not something I’ve setup as a demo, I agree the preview should work better, or even better if we can add a link to a demo site on the theme page!

      Nowadays a lot themes have its custom options and theme developers are not able to show off the juicy bits through the preview.

      For users who want to see the proper demo stie for Sundance theme, here is the URL: http://sundancedemo.wordpress.com

      • Yeah – the preview is exactly what I meant. Having custom post types, and admin settings, and widgets etc will make the preview site look less than optimal.

        Perhaps there could be an optional demo url in the theme settings (styles.css)? Then the wp.org preview can be overriden to show a real site example.

    • The Gravatars appear when a blog has more than one authors who published a post. The idea behind this is that there is not much point displaying the same Gravaters if a blog is a single author blog. Do you have more than one authors who published a post in your blog?

      • zai says:

        Just added a new user on my blog and it looks great now with the gravatar. I think it would be better if the readme file explains this cool feature. thanks

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