The Kirby Theme for WordPress

Kirby is a nifty Theme for WordPress that began when I started to think—just for fun—about what I would want in a new default WordPress Theme. You can check out the live preview and download it from the WordPress Free Themes Directory.

Check out my Kirby to-do list if you want to see what’s happening and read about what I’m trying to accomplish.

Since, if only at it’s outset, Kirby is a Theme meant to generate discussion I’m releasing it as I develop it. If you think it’s horrible or, perhaps, even awesome, please tell me about it by emailing ian at this domain or in 140 characters @iandstewart. Thanks a bunch.





  • Fixed the two broken shortcodes in the settings
  • Added a sappy dedication to the readme


  • You can comment on pages now
  • I added default widgets in the primary widget area (have to change these to something cool)


  • Removed faux columns; made header and footer full width
  • Now you can choose your layout by editing @import url('layouts/2c-r.css'); in style.css and choosing another file to import


  • Moved to the HTML5 doctype
  • Added a readme.html file
  • Added a license.txt file
  • Cleaned out the images folder
  • Styled the comments
  • Styled the menu
  • Made a number of small visual refinements
  • … including a fancier looking sticky post
  • Styled all the elements on this evil post
  • Added a not-especially widgetized feature-page.php—not sure what I’m going to do there


  • First public release of Kirby
  • Changeable Header
  • 2 widgetized areas alongside content
  • 4 widgetized areas in footer
  • Editable footer message (with custom shortcodes)
  • Color scheme taken from original default theme

15 thoughts on “The Kirby Theme for WordPress

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