Post Formats and Content Templates in the Toolbox Theme

Toolbox 1.1 is on it’s way with support for two of WordPress 3.1’s new Post Formats — Aside and Gallery — and a new template structure based on a content.php template. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Update: It’s available now! Go get it and check it out.

So, Post Formats. I love them and I bet if you’re at all interested in WordPress theming you’re probably interested in them too. Toolbox 1.1 will add support for Aside and Gallery posts along the same lines as the new Twenty Ten theme will. If you’re familiar with the Twenty Ten theme you know what to expect. It already mimics this new feature with Categories. Asides have a hidden title on blog pages and Gallery posts have a thumbnail from your post’s gallery along with a sentence letting visitors know how many images are in the gallery. It’s pretty cool.

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What’s In a Name: Duster

A lot of people have been asking where the name for the Duster theme came from. I love naming themes (it’s probably something that warrants a post of it’s own in the future) so I’m glad to share the backstory. We started work on Duster during a team meetup in Arizona — notorious land of cowboys and shoot ’em ups. We wanted something that reflected that same tough cowboy aesthetic and so, Duster. Well, actually, that’s only half true. It’s also the name of this really lovely pink flower you can find in Arizona. It’s really quite beautiful. 🙂

Toolbox: An HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

The Problem: You want to start hacking away at a WordPress Theme and get your site online. You don’t want to start with a Parent Theme, or a Theme Framework. You want to make your own theme—and you want it to be ready for HTML5. Only, you don’t know where to start.

The Solution: Start your WordPress theming engines! The delightfully blank, and stripped down, Toolbox theme is here.

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A Sample WordPress Theme Options Page

Update: This post is crazy old and there are way better options for … options panels now. Like the customizer! Otto can tell you how to leverage the customizer for your theme options. Or, heck, just go ahead and check out the sample code we use all the time.

Problem: You want to create a simple theme options page for your new WordPress theme but all the tutorials and sample theme options pages you’ve seen are way too complex or don’t fit in at all with the existing WordPress look.

Solution: We’ve come up with a simple, sample theme options page you can use for your next theme!

We’ve based this theme options page on the awesome sample plugin options page created by Ozh of Planet Ozh—only now with the bonus Radio and Select options and a Text Area.

Everything is bundled up in a Twenty Ten child theme called A Theme Options Theme—an instant working example—that you can download at the end of this post but here’s how you’d want to use it in your own themes …

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