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Awesome Up Your WordPress Theme With Post Formats

This August I had the pleasure of speaking at WordCamp San Francisco on awesome-ing up WordPress themes with Post Formats. If you wanted to check out my presentation but weren’t there, or missed the livestream, have no fear! You too can check it out, right now, right here, thanks to the magic of

If you want to follow the along with the slides, you can do that too by downloading them right here.

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Powering Your Design With WordPress

Can you use WordPress to power your web design work? Of course you can. But how? That was the subject of a talk I gave at the 2011 Future of Web Design conference this May in London. If you missed FOWD you missed a great time and some awesome presentations but you didn’t miss everything. The video is available on and I’m going to share some of the ideas I brought up in my talk right here. Including a free custom theme for you to use in your own projects.

I’ll presume here that you’re already interested in WordPress if you’re reading this but in case you’re not, why WordPress? What’s the big deal? Well, right now, about 14% of the web is built on top of WordPress. That means, as web designers, it’s important that we get this whole theming thing right. Tipping point numbers like that mean more and more of your clients are going to be asking for WordPress. It’s probably starting to happen to you right now.

You’re already a web design expert. You should be a WordPress theme expert too.

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Post Formats and Content Templates in the Toolbox Theme

Toolbox 1.1 is on it’s way with support for two of WordPress 3.1’s new Post Formats — Aside and Gallery — and a new template structure based on a content.php template. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Update: It’s available now! Go get it and check it out.

So, Post Formats. I love them and I bet if you’re at all interested in WordPress theming you’re probably interested in them too. Toolbox 1.1 will add support for Aside and Gallery posts along the same lines as the new Twenty Ten theme will. If you’re familiar with the Twenty Ten theme you know what to expect. It already mimics this new feature with Categories. Asides have a hidden title on blog pages and Gallery posts have a thumbnail from your post’s gallery along with a sentence letting visitors know how many images are in the gallery. It’s pretty cool.

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