A Tumblelog Theme for WordPress, a Preview and Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about my next theme (now available), reviewing the themes in progress and looking over my list of plans. I think I’ve come to a conclusion about what the next ThemeShaper theme will be. Oh wait, you’ve already read the title so you know. Yeah, it’ll be a Tumblelog theme.

First things first, what’s a Tumblelog theme? Well in my mind it’s a theme that lets you tumble with the now. A theme that lets you post, post, post—consequences be damned. A Facebook where you’re in control. A tumbling rolling current of links and thoughts that doesn’t try and pass itself off as a community hub, premium news magazine, or anything anti-blog. It’s the bloggiest of all blogs really. Especially in this current phase of WordPress.

For a more lucid consideration of the Tumblelog you may want to consider reading Will Wilkins thoughts on it in Tumble-Hybrid: The Perfect Personal Website Format.

Anyway, my next theme. It’s called MNML. I won’t post any images of it yet. It’s nothing to look at really but the curious and observant among you will notice that it’s the basis of ThemeShaper version 1 (which is really version 3—but that’s a whole ‘nother post). You can check out the preview of the Alpha version which exists only to test the bonkers CSS holding the header in place, or footer, or hea—oh, just check out the preview.

And yes, I promise I’ll have real sidebars this time.

I’m trying to decide what else to experiment with on this theme. Prologue style post creation? More theme options? More plugin integration? More headaches with jQuery?

Questions, comments and good ideas are always welcome. And the theme will be GPL licensed when it’s finished so if anyone wants the code to the Alpha version contact me and I’ll send it along to you.

13 thoughts on “A Tumblelog Theme for WordPress, a Preview and Thoughts”

  1. This barebones alpha version is beautiful except for the sidebar issue. I can’t imagine adding anything; in fact, I’d like to see the Alpha version released just the way it is.

    I’ve been looking for a theme that was slimmed down to it’s absolute necessity, and if the header / footer CSS is worked out,then I’m sure it’ll be popular.

  2. MNML-alpha is winging it’s way to your inbox, Icarus. I’m pretty sure the header/footer CSS works cross-browser but it depends on Javascript for IE6 (not really a big concern in my opinion). Let me know how it works out for you.

  3. haha, I like the idea of it too. Questioning what it is before you go off and create something thats overblown or something that doesn’t for fill the tumblelog style.

    Since your releasing the alpha version, are you planning on upgrading the theme for this blog?

    As for the sidebar, I wouldn’t mind checking out the source to see how it could implemented. By observations, couldn’t you just absolute position a div on the right/left of the theme? have it just float on the side?

  4. I’m definitely upgrading ThemeShaper. Probably sooner than later. I’ll probably reveal my reasons for using the MNML look when I upgrade or if I talk about the undeveloped ThemeShapers that preceded the initial public version.

    As for the sidebar, I emailed you a link to my dev site. Check it out.

  5. I got a preview of the near final version of Ian’s latest theme and it’s wonderful! I always think that print design is visually better than web design, but Ian is changing my mind. I think you’ll win over alot of old school skeptics with this one!

  6. Hey, it’s my wife! Thanks, Kelli. But instead of winning over old school skeptics I’d rather win over old school rappers. Fresh theme in effect!

  7. Cool. I’m getting anxious to release it. I’ve got to finish styling the “tumble” categories and, well, I was going to add an options page for controlling them but I think I just may get it out there first.

  8. Very very interesting I certainly have never seen anything like it and think I have seen every theme ever created. It is nice to see such a clean functional theme. I am going to reverse the color to black and mostly all white for a newspapery thing for a friend. Of course the credit will stay. I love the footer – who needs a header that got boring after say 1997. And I think your eye naturally goes down instead of always looking up at some stupid header so even dynamic content per page post would be nice in the footer.

    Thanks something new to play with. Between you and Justin tad you keep me busy thanks!

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