5 thoughts on “The ThemeShaper Forums”

  1. Good thing you added the link to your new forums in the body of this post… as the links in the above menu do not work at all in IE7. The only thing clickable in the header is the site title/logo.

    Works like a charm in FF 3.0.1 though!

    Glad I found your thematic theme! I’m just getting my blog together and this is a great starting point for a new blog!


  2. Hi Ian, I really like Thematic and have been trying to make my own child theme in which (among other things) the title in the header is replaced by an image of my logo. The title I can push off the screen with an indent of -1000px in the stylesheet but I can’t seem to get a click-able image anywhere near where I want it. The information I found in the codex doesn’t get me very far because the header.php file in thematic is different. I have tried to understand how to use the filters but don’t really get it. I see the header of this blog is an image. How did you do it?

      1. Hi Ian,
        Thank you very much. The CSS part I understood. It was WHAT I had to change in WHICH file to get the HTML part right (the clickable bit) that I didn’t understand. But thanks to your suggestion I got it working … Very pleased.

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