Use WordPress As a CMS With The Travailler Theme

For a while now I’ve wanted to release a WordPress theme for small to medium-sized businesses that would allow them to quickly set up a professional, smart-looking website. And today, I’d like to introduce you to Travailler, the WordPress theme that puts your blog to work.

Check out the demo by clicking on the big image below and then come on back and read on.

Now, Travailler isn’t just any old WordPress theme. It’s a Thematic Themelet. Think of a Themelet as an add-on or upgrade to Thematic. What does that mean? All the power of Thematic—with a brand new look. And in this case, brand new functionality. Travailler has a changeable header image. That means you can change the header image from the back-end of WordPress without having to read or understand a line of code.

Interested? I hope so. Find out more about Travailler by reading Travailler, Put Your Web Site To Work With A Professional WordPress Theme. There you’ll find download instructions and even a sample variant download that will get you started on modifying Travailler the way ThemeShaper would. Check it out.

12 thoughts on “Use WordPress As a CMS With The Travailler Theme”

  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence of in Thematic, Eftu. That’s why I made sure Travailler was powered by Thematic. I like Thematic too.

  2. Hey, you’ve coined a new word — “Themelet.” Do you think we can get it added to the WordPress Glossary?

    In all seriousness, it’s a very nice theme. Looking at all the work you’ve put behind Thematic and your attention to detail, I believe this theme will do well.

  3. Thanks, Justin. I spent some time brainstorming words that would convey the relationship between Thematic and Travailler and also sound, well, cool. I like cool. I like words. Thus, Themelet.

  4. Yeah, congrats on “themelet” – much more intuitive than “child theme.” Also sounds much more like something worth paying for! Brilliant idea all ’round.

  5. Nice work Ian! Thinking the small business angle with ‘no code needed’ is a smart one! I like the ability to change the header image in the admin area… we have a module for joomla called ‘header image rotater’ that does the same thing! Now if you just incorporated a slideshow effect or even a ‘per page’ image, it would be ‘CMS Ready’… I’m really impressed with the expandability of WordPress as a CMS… I never knew it was so user friendly. Guess I need to get out a bit more! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Thanks, Robert. I kind of don’t like slideshows—I think they’re a distraction—so I won’t be adding one. One of those personal style choices.

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