Justin Tadlock’s New WordPress Themes Club

Justin Tadlock has launched his new WordPress themes club which takes advantage of the Child Theme capabilities we’ve been talking about here on ThemeShaper. Sort of similar to what I’m doing with Travailler and Thematic but in a more centralized location. Check out his cheeky slogan while you’re there. It’s sure to make all the right sorts of hot water for him.

2 thoughts on “Justin Tadlock’s New WordPress Themes Club”

  1. Thanks for the link, Ian. I think if we keep pushing the child themes idea, then it’ll make a lot of WordPress theme authors a lot happier by being able to update themes and not having to explain every detail of the change to users.

    And, I’m excited to see what all you can think up for Thematic.

  2. I found Justin quite a while ago from Themeshaper and a discussion of the premium theme market. I use his themes (all of them) quite a bit and joining the theme club for 25 bucks was a no brain-er. His support and dedication to his craft and business model is something I have yet to find in the WordPress community (cept the ThemeShaper).

    I was quite lucky being new to WordPress from other unmentionable CMS/Blog platforms, to have found Ian and Justin from more or less the beginning and got on board with using/creating child themes (which is a breeze btw) and there is no looking back now so thanks.

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