4 thoughts on “Blank WordPress Theme Frameworks”

  1. Hi there–I’m researching Thematic and would really like some clarification on child themes. You say several places to use a child theme but I couldn’t find a list–is junction the only one? I’m very interested in your comment that “if you’re starting with a Child Theme any WordPress theme becomes a blank framework”. But *how*? Could you explain a bit? Maybe a step-by-step explanation? Do you install Thematic, then the child theme, then how does “any WordPress theme” come into play?


  2. I have an html website for our Rotary club. I want each committee chair to be able to manage the content for the webpage related to their committee. I have inserted “iframes” into the html pages. Now I want to use Word Press as a content management system to enable committee chairs to publish their information into the “iframes” on their pages.

    Problem: I can not find a completely blank WordPress “theme” – no headers, no sidebars, no footers, etc.


    Paul Smith

  3. I’m hoping to get started making themes. I did hear of a good framework that lets you dynamically add in sidebars, but I can’t remember what it’s called at the moment. 😦 Following you on twitter now. Hopefully, I can make some sense of how to create my own wordpress theme out of my PSD’s.

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