10 thoughts on “Instinct & The Thematic Theme Framework”

  1. Thanks Ian.

    We are really really happy with the end result. I can’t believe how much quicker our site loads now!!!

    In terms of SEO optimization Thematic works fine with all the additional SEO measures we put in place, that is to say:
    1/ Permalinks
    2/ All in One SEO Plugin
    3/ XML Sitemap Generator

    What more could you want?

  2. Jason’s site was actually pretty easy to convert—he was already using a Child Theme I’d designed for The Sandbox!

    I’ve done one more site for Jason, which started out as Thematic and quickly turned into something else (—but once WordPress 2.7 rolls out a site like that could be easily done as a Child Theme of Thematic).

  3. I am not satisfied with this theme. I am looking for a theme for my web technology blog.
    Is there any suggestion. I installed thematic but no direct customization is coming so can you tell me from where to start.

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