Byty: Another Impressive Thematic Child Theme

Cristian Antohe has released his amazing looking Thematic Child Theme, Byty. It’s free, it’s awesome, go download it now and let Cristian know what you think of it!

Author: Ian Stewart

Design Director on Design at Automattic.

One thought on “Byty: Another Impressive Thematic Child Theme”

  1. Just checked it out. I dont know if its just me, sitting a little bit away from the monitor and running 1440×900 or is it that no one really takes care of typography ?

    Its a pleasing experience to read the text in the content area of your blog as well. But on the right, its just a whole bunch of text stuck together

    Check our Chris Pearson’s ( blog – very scan-able.

    I look forward to work with Thematic, perhaps tonight or tomorrow. Very promising, even for css/php novices like me 🙂

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