How To Change The Postheader in Thematic has written an easy to follow tutorial on how to change the Postheader in Thematic. The Postheader is the content, typically including the title and author info, above each post and page. This is can be one of the most powerful tools in your Thematic toolbox and the same technique can be used to modify the Postfooter. It let’s you take extreme control over what appears above and below all of the content on your Thematic site—without touching a single Template file.

2 thoughts on “How To Change The Postheader in Thematic”

  1. I’m thinking about a thing: if we move category links in postheader and leave tag links in postfooter we have something like that displayed on our page:
    “and tagged xxx,xxx,xxx” so if me move categories we have to change the text “and tagged” with “tagged”: this is simple to achieve but for the translated versions of Thematic? how it could work?

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