Get Thematic Version 0.9.5

It’s here! Thematic 0.9.5. A huge refinement of the Thematic Theme Framework—so huge that it’s only caution keeping me from calling it version 1.0. Chris Gossmann and I spent a lot of time on this version chopping down our personal to-do lists. Chris especially, making sure brilliant themes like the Gallery Theme are even easier to make. That’s right, even easier.

Here’s the quick list of what we’ve done to make Thematic easier for you to use.

  • Want to quickly find out what you can hook into and where? Browse through the cleaned up and organized extension files in the library. They’re logically organized and better documented.
  • Every last default widget ready area is hookable. Before, after, and in between.
  • We’ve added a hook before and after the main loops. You’ll be seeing a lot more magazine Child Themes I think.
  • The older/newer and post navigation is filterable.
  • Don’t want the Secondary Aside? Pull all the widgets out. The default widgets are no longer hard-coded into the sidebar template files.
  • You can move the comments template by unhooking it and injecting it somewhere else. Adding even more layout possibilities for creative designers.
  • More new dynamic body classes enabling surgically precise CSS work.

What it boils down to is this: I want you to be able to quickly develop powerful, rock-solid WordPress Themes with the Thematic Theme Framework. This version of Thematic just makes it even easier.

Of course, there’s more. As always thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the Thematic Theme Framework and this release. I’m getting pretty excited about Thematic and what it’s leading to. I hope you are too.

Download the Thematic Theme Framework and read how to modify WordPress Themes the smart way. It’ll change how you think about WordPress and WordPress Themes.

22 thoughts on “Get Thematic Version 0.9.5”

  1. Thumbs up to the new version!!! Right now, every single child theme I use runs with no issues… Thanks Ian and Chris!

  2. I’ve been playing with the trunk 0.9.5 version from the svn for almost two weeks and it’s a pleasure to work with!

    Thank you Ian and everyone that contributed for a this great Framework. It really cuts the development time of a child theme significantly so I can focus more on design details and ease of use.

      1. The Hybrid theme is pretty decent and the code is fairly clean. I made the switch last week to test it out and see how I liked it. One thing I did like at first was how the “PageNavi” was working. You see, on thematic there is a “-0.5” margin-left applied to the pagenavi causing the part of the “P” to be cut off, and it was really bothering me. But after running in to an issue with not being able to simply learn how to manage the widgets, and then finding out that I had to pay to be able to view the tutorials, I was unhappy.

        So to my delight I found that you updated Thematic, and I’ve always loved how much work you’ve put in to this theme, that I couldn’t help but make the switch back. But I did bring a few styles over from Hybrid, such as the “Drop Cap” and a few small classes.

        Thanks Ian.

  3. AWESOME. I can’t wait to play with it! I was just thinking today ‘If only there were a filter for the Next/Prev navigation…’ And whaduya know — here its is! Thematic just keeps getting better & better Ian. I appreciate the hard work.

  4. awesome job. I’m in the process of updating my site and am working with the thematic framework. love your work!


  5. I’m also revisiting Thematic for my current project (been working with Hybrid) I love them both – but the dynamic body classes really speed up my development proccess.
    I also appreciate how much easier it is to remove the primary and secondary asides.

    That said – I’m really excited about the custom taxonomy features of WP 2.8 – (thanks to Justin Tadlock’s excellent posts on the subject) Unfortunately, I’m not able to get this to work for my Thematic child theme (I get the dreaded ‘not found’ message when clicking on the links.)

    Any plans to support this soon? (I’ve posted on the forums – but there doesn’t seem to be an answer)
    Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

    1. I haven’t fooled around with it but as far as I know there shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t use custom taxonomies in any WordPress Child Theme.

      1. Thanks Ian.
        I must be missing something since I can’t make it work.
        I’m able to get so far as listing the posts’ taxonomies on the posts themselves – but I get the ‘not found’ message when I click the links.
        I suspect it has something to do with the archive or tag loop – but that’s way over my head.

        Anyway – I won’t hijack this post any further 😉

  6. Hi,

    and thanks for great theme.

    This might be easy thing to do but cant figure out how to deal with it.

    How can I change my custom header for the theme? I cannot find “header” image anywhere.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

  7. Wonderful, thanks! I really appreciate the improvement to the sidebar system, both in WP and Thematic. Nice not to have to deal with the hardcoded sidebars any more.

    I’m using Thematic for ALL my WP sites now. It’s so much easier to create a child theme than to start from scratch! Keep up the excellent work, guys.

  8. I cannot tell you enough how much of an asset Thematic is to the WordPress community. Is anything significant planned for “1.0” or is it mostly just silly numbering conventions?

  9. This is probably the best how to I have ever read on The (dreaded) Loop. I Have Read and understood the it perfectly!
    Thanks to you, I will be able to start implementing Thematic and Child Themes across my entire web presence…

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