Early Morning Thematic Child Theme

Cristi Antohe has—yet again—released a beautiful and incredibly usable Thematic Child Theme, Early Morning.


It’s light, elegant and pleasantly surprising. This theme is all about blogging. It doesn’t scream at you, instead it takes a step back and lets readers read.

It also has some nice features out of the box:

  • You can upload your own logo
  • It comes with it’s own custom designed Twitter widget, so your visitors can see what you’re doing from your blog
  • It comes with 5 background options that you can select from the Early Morning Theme Options (Green, Turquoise, Brick Red, Gray and Black)

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Thematic Child Theme”

  1. I apologise if this is not the right place, but I am playing around with this theme for a website I am working on. Is it possible to have any other backgrounds other than the 5 supplied? Love the theme btw!

  2. I love the theme’s structure, but I don’t like the color of it’s background. I already have blog with green atmosphere, so I wish I can get the blue theme, but unfortunately they don’t provide the blue one 😦

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