40+ Thematic Resources, Tutorials and Links

The post Build WordPress Sites Fast With the Thematic Theme Framework by Es Developed is a great resource for anyone wanting to get started with the Thematic Theme. It lists over 40 resources and tutorials that’ll get you where you want to be with rapid WordPress Theme development.

And there’s some great explanation behind why you’d want to use the Thematic Theme. Under the heading Don’t Touch That Theme:

To create your theme, you don’t actually edit any of Thematic’s theme files. Instead, you make changes using a separate child theme.

It’s really powerful since you’re not actually touching any part of Thematic. You just get a nice starting place, without worries about future Thematic updates overwriting your code edits.

You don’t have to rewrite a bunch of code all over again–you’re just adding the bits that you want to be different. This works very much like the custom styles on WordPress.com hosted blogs.

Make sure you check out Build WordPress Sites Fast With the Thematic Theme Framework.

5 thoughts on “40+ Thematic Resources, Tutorials and Links”

  1. Ian, thanks for a fantastic framework that’s so easy to use and so flexible. I’ll definitely be using Thematic more in the future.

    PS: Thanks for the feature.

  2. Please help, I want to have a subscribe without commenting area like what you have below, I am using Thematic.

    I downloaded the Subscribe to Comments plugin and the checkbox and subscribe without commenting parts show up, but not nice and neat like yours here. Mine looks like this. How do I get the submit button to be below the checkbox line? Thanks.

  3. I just found this and it has to be the most helpful resource in getting to know Thematic. I am a novice when it comes to WordPress theme development but am motivated daily to be able to become an expert and start giving back!

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