10 thoughts on “New Duster Theme”

    1. It is coming for all WordPress sites soon. We can’t state a specific date since it needs to get approved on Extend.

      1. Guys, can’t wait for it on WP.org. It looks awesome, clean and seems that every details have been taken care of. Let us know when it’s ready on Extend 😉

  1. This looks at first sight like a very nice theme. I tried it for some testing on WordPress.com, and it does not suit every language. See: http://yfrog.com/h8l5exp

    That being said, I love the idea of “responsive design” fluid layout. Not easy to implement, but when done properly, it can give some pretty amazing results.

    Good luck with this promising theme.


  2. Hi guys, I’ve used your Duster theme for two months now and I’m really happy with it. It’s really nice and easy to read.

    Only I just discovered that the Next/previous buttons do not work on some config (e.g. Firefox 3 on Windows 7) but I am pretty sure it works on both Firefox/Mac and Firefox/Ubuntu, which I use more often. Have you heard of such issues in the past?

  3. Duster theme is really great. I checked there features and code of Duster theme. This will became the most popular theme of WordPress. After Twenty Ten theme, Duster will become the milestone for WordPress theme developers.

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