The Duster Theme is Now Available For Download

I know more than a few of you have been patiently waiting for this announcement: the Duster theme is now available for download at the official WordPress Themes Directory. Go get Duster and let us know how you’re using it on your blog!

9 thoughts on “The Duster Theme is Now Available For Download”

  1. I just started a WordPress self-hosted blog and really couldn’t find a theme I really liked…until Duster. I really enjoy it. Clean, fast, and easy to customize. Great job. Thanks for making this available!

  2. Hi there. Looks very nice indeed. Is there a possibility of having a .po and .pot file (after all it is translation ready)?


      1. Hi, it is a very good theme! I would also greatly appreciate a pot-file for translating it into German.

  3. Newbie question: How do you get the sidebar to appear on static pages, and in the right place?

    We are going for a CMS style site, and would really like to use the sidebar widgets on pages. I tried dumping the “get sidebar” function in to the page template, but the arrangement is not right (sidebar content, e.g., links widget, is under the page content, not on the right hand side).

    Any ideas?

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