On Designing Generic Themes

Hafiz Rahman of WPLover (one of my favorite WordPress flavored blogs) has some pretty interesting thoughts on designing generic themes. “The best option is to abandon creating generic themes altogether.” What do you think?

Via WPCandy.

Author: Ian Stewart

Design Director on WordPress.com Design at Automattic.

2 thoughts on “On Designing Generic Themes”

  1. This is exactly why the WP theme houses have not yet killed my custom design business. Even the ‘content-specific’ themes have a hard time fitting my clients specific content.

  2. Hafiz goes on to say:

    …it’s better to spend our time creating content-specific themes. Photoblog themes, travelogue themes, coming soon page themes, to mention some.

    “Type of content”-specific themes still lack content when you create them. I agree that having some type of content in mind when creating a theme is helpful and might yield more useful themes, but I don’t think it’s world’s apart from creating themes that don’t cater to a specific kind of content. It’s still crafting for the unknown. I think calling for a halt on slightly more generic themes is a bit silly.

    What is world’s apart is designing for *actual existing* content. Both are interesting and challenging.

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