2 thoughts on “On Designing Generic Themes”

  1. This is exactly why the WP theme houses have not yet killed my custom design business. Even the ‘content-specific’ themes have a hard time fitting my clients specific content.

  2. Hafiz goes on to say:

    …it’s better to spend our time creating content-specific themes. Photoblog themes, travelogue themes, coming soon page themes, to mention some.

    “Type of content”-specific themes still lack content when you create them. I agree that having some type of content in mind when creating a theme is helpful and might yield more useful themes, but I don’t think it’s world’s apart from creating themes that don’t cater to a specific kind of content. It’s still crafting for the unknown. I think calling for a halt on slightly more generic themes is a bit silly.

    What is world’s apart is designing for *actual existing* content. Both are interesting and challenging.

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