High Quality Icons for Themes

One of the barriers theme companies face in going full GPL with their themes—thus enabling their themes to be released on WordPress.org Extend—is a lack of great quality icons with open source licensing.

That’s one reason I’m super happy to see Post Format Icons released by StudioPress. Free, high-quality icons to use in your theme. Awesome.

Will this inspire other web designers and WordPress themers to open source their own graphics? I sure hope so.

What are your favorite open source icons?

Author: Lance Willett

My name is Lance, I am a blogger, product manager, software developer, and business executive creating high-quality, engaging, and customer-centered experiences for people online. México-born. Chief Product and Technology Officer at Tumblr (Automattic).

2 thoughts on “High Quality Icons for Themes”

  1. Some of the coolest them out there do NOT use any icons at all, except maybe a favicon, so I think that is a good way to go if you want to release a wp theme under GPL …

    1. Yes, totally agreed. Although—not all themes need icons, so that’s probably why you don’t see more out there. I’ve been seeing a lot more, recently, since post formats hit WP core.

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