10 Beautiful WordPress Themes from the Official Directory

We are obviously theme junkies here and everyday we check the official free theme directory. It’s only March now but many free themes have already became available since the new year. To highlight the great themes there I picked up ten themes added in 2012 that are not only coded well but look beautiful.

Like last year, 2012 has been and is going to be another great year for WordPress themes. Huzzah!

Culinary WordPress Theme created with food blogs in mind.
Author: alex27

An elegant and bold theme featuring multiple, visually distinct, Post Formats.
Author: Automattic

Hatch is a simple photography and portfolio WordPress theme. Optimized for mobile browsing.
Author: Griden

Minimalistic, mobile-optimized theme with responsive layout.
Author: Griden

Minimalistic, mobile-optimized magazine theme with responsive layout.
Author: Griden

The perfect theme for quilters, sewers and crafters. Comes in three color styles.
Author: sixhours

Rumput Hijau
Beautiful, clean and seo optimized theme focused on typography.
Author: satrya

A fresh, feminine, scrapbook-style theme.
Author: sixhours

A brand new free video theme brought to you by the team here at Automattic.
Author: Automattic

Vintage Camera
An illustrated microblogging theme for the vintage camera enthusiast in five vintage styles/color schemes.
Author: sixhours


Dusk To Dawn
Oh, I almost forgot this :). A theme I worked on — Dusk To Dawn — a successor of two beloved classics, Dusk and Solipsus. It was a challenging task but I’m pleased with the outcome.
Author: Automattic

18 thoughts on “10 Beautiful WordPress Themes from the Official Directory”

  1. Wow – great list (and with pictures to boot!)

    I already have a couple of ideas in mind for a few clients that are looking to have some sites created.

    Rumput Hijau looks nice, clean, and crisp! Perfect for someone who wants to concentrate on the message of the content, and not a lot of pictures (I could be wrong!)

    And, Sundance, has a nice look to it for a video blog!

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Be Well.

    1. Hello,

      @Takashi thanks for mentioning rumput hijau here 🙂

      @paul rumput hijau now with responsive layout. Enjoy it!

  2. Such a wonderful and amazing list! If it can be possible for me, I would like to try all this beautiful themes. 🙂 But I’ll try one by one. Thanks!/

  3. This is such an interesting list of beautiful themes. Oxygen actually caught my attention.I think this one is the most interesting among the ten of your list. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. everyone time i see a good theme i have tendency to change my blog theme.This time also ,will try delicacy this time 😀

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