Sass comes to _s

I’m pleased to announce that you can now get Sass rolled into _s by simply checking the box on The community has driven this change through pull requests and forks.

It’s taken a little while, but we wanted to do it right. As with the rest of Underscores, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible, offering any extra scripting with a checkbox option rather than imposing it on all developers. Not everyone compiles or uses Sass the same, so _s shouldn’t force anyone to follow one path or another. In this sense, the Sass provided takes a pure approach, not requiring Compass or any other scripts.

Worth noting along with this addition is that the Github version of _s is now purely for development. We strongly recommend only using to download _s, going forward.

Just like with _s itself, the Sass it uses will probably change and evolve with time. What is in place now is a structure, a starting point. Any issues, or requests can be posted on Github, and you can even roll your own using a fork. Just like _s is your theme’s starting point, you can take the Sass in any direction you want.

I hope you are excited as I am to see Sass in _s! I’d like to thank the following people – without them this would not have been possible. As this was a Github project, here are their Github usernames: @gregrickaby @bradp @hugobaeta @obenland @sabreuse @MichaelArestad @jacklenox and myself. I look forward to seeing what things people build and where they take Sass in _s.

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  1. Awesome, super excited for this question. One workflow question. . . I would normally like to fork _s so that I can pull in (or at least check) any upstream changes to make sure I’m integrating any improvements that are applied to the original _s repo. You strongly suggest just using as a generator now, however it seems like this will make it impossible to do what I’m describing, no? Do you have a recommendation for a better way to reliably/safely pull in upstream changes without having to start over from scratch with a new generated template? Thanks!

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