Photobloggers Take Note: Boardwalk and Cubic are Here

Two fresh photoblogging themes crafted by Automattic’s Thomas Guillot are now available to download in the theme directory.

Boardwalk features an unconventional horizontal-scrolling blog stream and large portrait-oriented featured images, as seen on the demo site. A child theme of Boardwalk, Cubic showcases square featured images in a large grid layout. Check out the demo site to see how the theme makes the most of strong photos.



Author: Kathryn P.

Theme Whisperer at Automattic, web designer, WordPress enthusiast and baker extraordinaire.

8 thoughts on “Photobloggers Take Note: Boardwalk and Cubic are Here”

  1. Theme developers take note:

    If you have a photoblog and choose a theme like Cubic your site shouldn’t look like this.

    Screen Shot

    1. Hey Adam – it’s pronounced kind of like Toe-MAH Ghee-OWE. “Ghee” like the Indian clarified butter. The “s” in Thomas is not pronounced. Let me know if that helps. 🙂

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