Announcing Apostrophe

A classic magazine-style theme, Apostrophe is now available for self-hosted sites. An update of Konstantin Kovshenin‘s Semicolon, crafted by Automattic’s Sarah Semark, Apostrophe supports a site logo and featured posts once Jetpack is active. With its traditional horizontal menu and right sidebar, Apostrophe also lets you “star” posts on the front end to set them as featured. Check out the demo or give it a go on your site.

Apostrophe screenshot

Author: Kathryn P.

Theme Whisperer at Automattic, web designer, WordPress enthusiast and baker extraordinaire.

5 thoughts on “Announcing Apostrophe”

  1. That’s interesting, for I have been investigating changing my self-hosted blog over to a new theme, and I was leaning towards Semicolon. Is there a list anywhere of the new features that have been added by Sarah?

    1. Hi there! I don’t have an exact list of all the things that were changed in Apostrophe, and it was developed some time ago now. The majority of changes were visual tweaks—if you compare the two demos you’ll notice quite a few differences.

      I looked through the logs for the theme and here’s a list of functionalities that I added or changed:

      – support for Infinite Scroll, responsive videos
      – support for Site Logo
      – implemented Custom Header functionality
      – implemented a full-width page template
      – added an optional author panel to posts
      – added post navigation
      – added styling for posts without featured images
      – added RTL styles
      – simplified Customizer setup
      – added a single-column page layout if the sidebar isn’t activated
      – added various typographic classes (pull quotes, emphasis paragraphs, etc)

      In addition to that, I cleaned up the code and fixed some outstanding bugs as per Semicolon’s support page.

      The best way to find out which one suits you best, of course, would be to try them both out! 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for that reply. I wasn’t expecting a personal reply from you (just a link to a page somewhere) but I really appreciate you taking the trouble.

    That is a good list to get me started in evaluating. There’s a few things I am interested in comparing between two or three themes (how they deal with featured image, where widgets can be put, what features do or don’t affect page load times, etc) so that list will help.


  3. Hi Sarah! i’ve view the themes and now using it on my self hosted WordPress. However, i have no idea on how to make my site look the same as the example given such this site I try to configure what is missing and cant find on how to make the same layout like that site. Can you please advise how to configure it?

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