The Thematic Power Blog Theme

Love the Thematic Theme Framework? Want to use it for your blog but don’t know where to begin with customizing it? Or are you a WordPress Developer wanting to speed up site development with the Thematic Theme Framework? If either one is the case I want to introduce to you the Thematic Power Blog Theme.

Are you ready to give your Thematic Theme a Power-Up? Click the big image below to see the theme demo and then head on back to find out what the Power Blog Theme can do for you and your blog.


Thematic Power Blog is part of the Thematic Development Theme Series. A series of themes showing you how to take advantage of the killer customization powers brought to you through using a WordPress Child Theme with the Thematic Theme Framework. Each theme in the series gives you a huge leg up on rapid WordPress theme development.

Add a Header Image To Your Theme

One of the most common theme modification requests I receive has to be, “How do I add a header image to this theme”. We’ve done it for you with Power Blog, adding in a wireframe image in what I think is just the right place. And to make things as simple for theme development as possible we’ve just done it through CSS alone. Just replace the included header image with your own and take a look at the commented code in style.css if you want to make a change to the dimensions.

New Widget Areas & 3-Column Layout


The Thematic Power Blog adds 4 new widget areas to Thematic’s already impressive 13 widget areas, bringing the total to 17! The Leader Asides add 3 columns of widget-ready areas just under the header, spanning the full width of the theme area.

You can think of the Crown Aside as sort of the jewel of the new 3-column layout. It rests atop the 2 sidebars along the right of the content and is perfect for highlighting some of your most important WordPress widgets.

A New Widget

And if you have new widget areas, why not throw in some new widgets! Thematic Power Blog adds a graphically interesting Subscribe widget perfect for helping you increase your RSS subscriber level—and showing you how to create your own widgets in a Child Theme.

Drop Down Category List


If you want people to dive down deep into your content you’ll enjoy the drop down category menu included with Thematic Power Blog. All blog pages get a drop down category menu just below the main menu.

The Thematic Power Blog Theme is Your Theme

The Thematic Development Series is all about using Thematic to it’s fullest and taking your WordPress-powered site to the next level. The Thematic Power Blog Theme will help get you there.

Download it now and power up your blog.