Thematic Version 0.3

Thematic version 0.3 is ready. If you’re upgrading, stuff moved. That’s beta for you—but don’t worry, I’ve made things better. Here’s what I’ve gone and done.

  • Added a 3 column stylesheet
  • Cleaned up the post meta and separated it from the comments section following popular convention (and probably breaking stylesheets)
  • Prettified the sliding meta panel with a photoshop-y G.I. Joe handle (it’s like Snake Eyes designed it!)
  • Added an option to control the position of the widget area that shows up between the post on the index page—a great place for promoting something important
  • Added a print stylesheet that should undo any unprintable styles you add to your theme.

My plans for version 0.4? Right now Thematic is optimized for Search Engines—but not enough. It’s going to get an audit from me—I know a fair bit from trial and error and study and there’s still more to do—and I’ll see what I can do about getting a professional audit. Any SEO professionals want to help me make the most optimized WordPress theme ever? For free?

And I’ve decided to give the base theme some style. Something simple to build on that will help folks see the features of Thematic. Something that prevents an immediate response of “That’s it?” which, to be fair, I haven’t exactly done anything about.

I’m still working on the bookmark-able landing page. It’ll be fun and worth bookmarking. It was going to launch with version 0.3 but, well, it’s not. And I didn’t want to waste any time releasing 0.3 just because I was holding things up with a goofy page design. Yes, goofy. Or somewhat goofy. You’ll see. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting it finished.

But what’s more exciting for me is that I’m actually using Thematic. It provided an awesome starting point for the current custom project I’m working on, saving me a ton of time. More details when the project is done.

Download and Demo Thematic

16 thoughts on “Thematic Version 0.3”

  1. Twas wondering how you stumbled across my site? Just curious 🙂

    Also, if you like Firefly or Aliens (1986) you might want to check out the photo and video links 🙂

  2. Ian – installed and tested Thematic v.3 – get this response:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_front_page() in /home/popularl/public_html/sandbox/wp-content/themes/thematic/library/functions/sandbox-functions.php on line 21



  3. Great stuff, Ian – I was just checking to see if a new version was out. I’m going to give this a proper look over and may well use it as a basis for my new site’s theme…

  4. You’re right, that would be nice. But not for 0.3. Trust me, it’s not something to look at right now. It’s something to make something to look at with right now. Soon, Johnn. Soon.

  5. Hi there, great job with the theme! Glad to have found it! Thanks 🙂

    Just wondering if you will include a customable header image in future versions of thematic?

  6. @Jon: I also faced the same problem when I installed the 0.5 version of this theme and it looks like this is because I don’t have wordpress 2.5 yet on my local machine. My hosted blog is WP2.6 but I don’t want to try the thematic theme directly on that.

    Were you able to solve your problem ?

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