Hide all your links

Want to concentrate solely on typography and foundational structure while you’re designing your next WordPress theme? Hide all your links. Make them black. Get rid of the underline and make them blend in. Destroy all visual evidence of hypertextuality. Show no mercy as you attack the lists and paragraphs and headings that shore up your content and don’t let anything distract you from your end goal: typographic excellence.

Assuming you’re starting with a white background and black text, CSS makes it relatively easy to exterminate anchors with extreme prejudice:

a {
color:#000;</code><code> text-decoration:none;

There. Now go make something beautiful.

While you’re at it, try hiding your header and sidebar in The Ultimate WordPress Theme Test.

Author: Ian Stewart

Design Director on WordPress.com Design at Automattic.

5 thoughts on “Hide all your links”

  1. I thought you were kidding at first. Then I read it again, and saw the phrase “while you’re designing.” 🙂 This is excellent advice!

  2. short and simple. I think I did this a while back without even thinking anything of it. but I’ll try this method out again instead of just leaving links the normal default blue. Seems like it’ll solve my problem when trying to find the right font, line height and format since colors get in the way.

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