5 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Frameworks on The Codex”

  1. I think some people should try to exercise better self-restraint and not add to the Codex their projects that do not even have a proper release or a proper homepage yet. 🙂

    Something else I think about whenever I see the term “Theme Framework” is that it is not a good term. It is not exact –since most frameworks are also among the very best themes, ready to install and use–, and it may be discouraging people who just look for a good WordPress theme.

  2. Well thankfully on February 28th, 2008 I read a post here:

    And I also read the post on WordPress today with not a surprisingly small list of WP framework developers. As the writing was on the wall still people are drawn to “premium ” themes that are hacked pieces (generally) of crap.

    So a very much deserved nod from WordPress, and I hope it brings the credibility and success you deserve.

    Thanks for the good work…

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