Thematic 0.8 is live

Thematic 0.8 is live and ready for download! The main upgrade is, of course, comment threading for WordPress 2.7+. International users will note some fixes to localization. Thematic hackers will notice some bugs have been fixed.

More exciting to me is what will happen with Thematic 0.9 and eventually version 1.0 (if you’ve got a feature request, I’d love to hear it in the comments). Thematic is shaping up to be a very strong theme, with some strong people behind it. That’s people as in coders and you, the Thematic users. I think you’re all great. Thank you.

Two things to note

  1. We broke your sidebars.

    The Thematic sidebars have been future-proofed for further enhancements (like extra widget-ready areas in Child Themes). Unfortunately change brings complications. There’s no real easy way around it. Before you replace the 0.7 version with 0.8 copy-paste the content of any text widgets into a text file and take note of your widget order. Then proceed to the Thematic Options page and hit the reset widgets button. Easy as cake but the reset button will exterminate your existing widget setup with extreme prejudice. It’s a pain but you’ll only have to do it once and you’ll have rock-solid sidebars from here on in.

  2. I also broke your menu

    If your Child Theme uses #menu in it’s CSS to target the navigation menu you’ll want to replace it with .menu. It should take 3 seconds to find and replace. If you’re using a Thematic Themelet like Travailler or Acamas this fix has already been emailed out to you.

    Plus, the globalnav filter is gone. Long live wp_page_menu! Here’s how to filter your menu now.

    function sample_nav() { ?>
        <div class="menu">
                <li><a href="#">Oh</a></li>
                <li><a href="#">Hello there!</a></li>
        </div><!-- .menu -->     
    <?php }
    add_filter('wp_page_menu', 'sample_nav');

    If you’re using an existing function that filters wp_page_menu it’s a simple matter of replacing that string of text with wp_page_menu.

13 thoughts on “Thematic 0.8 is live”

  1. Hi, Ian, thanks for this great tool that is your theme. As you says, with this version, the menu is broken and is a easy as changing the id with the class .menu. Is there any other change that could be affecting the menu?
    I ask you because I’m using the category menu (insted of the pages menu), as described on cosmoz great post and it’s not working anymore. Seems that add_action(‘globalnav_menu’, ‘categ_menu’); isnt working right now.
    Any help on this? Thanks in advance.

  2. Quickly implemented here too. Plus I was able to easily make it work with the Page Menu dropdowns I was working on (based on Cozmos’ work). Thanks!

  3. Is there a document on which “sidebars” are which? I know experimentation should reveal that, but maybe it’s already described somewhere?

  4. Hi, I updated to 0.8.1 and I am unable to take off 2 items in the side-bar: RSS Feeds and Meta. I have reset the widgets and I still cannot remove it as it does not show up in Primary sidebar. In fact, if you add Meta and RSS Feeds again it adds a second one but how can I remove these 2 from my primary bar? Thanks so uch.

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