Aether: A Structurally Minimal Child Theme For Thematic

Altamente Decorativo and have joined forces to release a really interesting, structurally minimal, one-column Child Theme for Thematic, Aether.


I’m a big fan of one-column themes—I think they get right to the heart of what blogging is really about—so I’m really excited about the release of Aether for Thematic.

And besides looking really cool, Aether includes your latest Twitter tweet at the top of the site. Plus, the Photoshop files are included with the download. Having the Photoshop files at the ready means you’ve got a leg up on making Aether your theme.

13 thoughts on “Aether: A Structurally Minimal Child Theme For Thematic”

  1. That’s awesome! I’m into single column theme too. The reader get to concentrate on the post and not being distracted by other columns. Gotta have this one! Thanks..

  2. This theme is not only great, it fills a real void – minimal themes which are ALSO very readable, usable, and look good. There are some people like me who want to start a blog with no ads and no clutter. After looking at hundreds of themes in February of 2009, I rejected all of them and decided to learn from scratch how to design a theme. This is the first theme I’ve seen that would have satisfied my criteria.

    I wrote an article, “Site design for reading,” (in my FilterJoe blog) in which I listed a number of criteria that help readability on web sites. This theme satisfies nearly all of the criteria for maximizing readability. Had I used this theme, possibly the only thing I would have changed would be to make the content width narrower (less than 70 characters wide).

    Great job!

  3. This is a very good looking theme. – You just have to remember to move anything in your primary or secondary asides (what many other themes call left and right sidebars or 1st and 2nd sidebars) out to another widgetised area before switching to it. I think it would have been better written if the primary and secondary asides had not been just deleted/disabled but moved down to occupy small areas just above the subsidiary asides. I.e. as a band above the footer area. Out if sight but still available if you need to get to a meta or a blogroll which typically live in 1st/2nd widgetised areas.

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