Commune: A Thematic Magazine Theme

Cristi at Cozmoslabs has just released a Thematic’s first magazine theme—one of the most popular flavors of WordPress themes around. It’s clean, and it’s green, and it’s called Commune


There’s a lot of features with this one.

  • Easy to add images to posts without having to use custom fields or without the need to crop your images!
  • Easy to add default images to posts in certain categories – So if you don’t add an image to a certain post it will display the image assigned to the category it’s in!
  • It was designed to work with the Tabbed Widget Plugin and WP-PageNavi plugin
  • The main menu displays all your categories and subcategories
  • Tested and works on all modern browsers: Firefox 3, IE7, Safari, Google Chrome

Make sure you check out the Commune Magazine Theme.

3 thoughts on “Commune: A Thematic Magazine Theme”

  1. How can I keep my links widget in a single column inside the secondary aside, and still have a second column for other widgets?

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