The Gallery Theme for Thematic by Chris Wallace

Wow. Just, wow. Chris Wallace has outdone himself with the advanced Thematic Child Theme he’s released through Smashing Magazine. It’s called Gallery and it’s amazing. Like every theme released through Smashing Magazine, Gallery is just packed with loads of cool features.

Wow. Just, wow. Chris Wallace has outdone himself with the advanced Thematic Child Theme he’s released through Smashing Magazine. It’s called Gallery and it’s amazing.


Gallery—like every theme released through Smashing Magazine—is just packed with loads of cool features.

  • A jQuery slide hover effect on thumbnails
  • Lazyloading for thumbnails
  • Built-in social media links for each gallery item
  • Seamless integration with the following plugins: WP-PostRatings, BuySellAds plugin, and Contact Form 7
  • And, of course, it’s built on Thematic.

Make sure you check this one out if you’re looking at producing a Gallery or Portfolio site. Smashing Magazine calls it “extremely flexible” and recommends it as a “starting point for design galleries and portfolios”. Get the Gallery Theme.

35 thoughts on “The Gallery Theme for Thematic by Chris Wallace”

  1. Ian, thanks for the feature on Gallery. More exciting than launching this theme will be seeing the different ways it is used because of its flexibility.

    There are definitely some issues that I plan to resolve in future releases, some visual inconsistencies, some enhancements, some code cleanup, etc. In fact, the project is public on Github for anyone interested in following the project and/or helping maintain it.

    Gallery project on Github

    1. Same question, please answer because your theme is wonderfull

      Do you know how to increase the number of post on the index page ? Because mine is stuck at only 10 posts…

      thx again

  2. I cant for the life of me get the jquery image hover to work for the thumbnails on the main page…I don’t know why and it’s driving me off the wall. It’s probably something simple.

  3. Hi Ian and Chris, thank you guys to share your knowledge with us.
    This examples will open our mind to the power of wordpress, certainly

  4. Hello, this is just a wonderfull theme ! Thx a lot.

    Do you know how to increase the number of post on the index page ? Because mine is stuck at only 10 posts…

    thx again

  5. Hi
    Am I missing a clue or something. I love this theme and have installed it on my blog, but can’t seem to find these ‘ Built-in social media links for each gallery item’.

    Is this because I’m using WordPress mu?
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards

  6. Hi Judi, you need to add a URL for each post to take advantage of the social media links. The theme automatically detects whether or not you’ve entered a URL and will post the appropriate links if you have entered it.

  7. Thanks Chris,
    Wow so simple! Thats clever.
    I really like your links, but I find it would take ages to change all my posts to include this. Would be nice to see something that would automatically post links into every post and maybe if you didn’t want the links on a few posts there could be an exclude tick box in the posts.

    I’ve gone for the sociable plugin, I can also choose whether to include it on pages. It doesn’t have as nice links as yours though!


  8. Hello again
    Just wondered how do you make the search box in the sidebar shorter in width. It pokes out a little at the moment.

    Thanks Judi

  9. Hi Chris,
    I’m interested in whether its possible to add adverts/html into my header, such as a skype button. There are plugins called hooks i’ve tried but these seem to push down the background so are pretty useless.

    Would it be possibe for example to add images that are links to other websites within the css. I’ve tried adding php tags in the functions sheet, but I assume I shouldn’t really mess with this. Website =


  10. Hey there, amazing template. Really is.

    However I seem to be having a small problem. When ever i insert a video it pushes the right hand text over to the right even more. Kinda crams it all in there and leaves a gap between the preview and the title/description. I cant for the life of me sort it out so its the same as when i post an image. I dont know if its because the video is flash?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. hey this a great theme…i just wanted to know…how can i resize the grid? instead of 7 in a row to have just 4 or 3…but bigger…i`ll really apreciate u`r help…thanks

  12. Is it just me, I find these types of little thumbnails to be worthless for a large enough screenshot to use as a Web Gallery.
    the Thematic Child themes gallery on the site suffers from the same symptom.
    With thumbnails of 159px you’ve got to click each one to be rewarded or penalized.
    IT’s just labor intense on users for viewing a gallery…

    Not that this kind of layout doesn’t work in some cases, but not most.

  13. I would like to add a Sidebar to the main page. I tried to get rid of the following code from funtions.php file in gallery theme
    // Remove sidebar on gallery-style pages
    function remove_sidebar() {
    return TRUE;
    } else {
    return FALSE;

    add_filter(‘thematic_sidebar’, ‘remove_sidebar’);

    But that does not seem to change anything!


  14. Hey, testing out your Gallery theme in WP. Found this file with theme: ico-video-trans.png
    How do I use it for the thumbs that point to a video post?

  15. Ok, I found out that to get the green new video icon to appear you need to use a youtube video embed link. I look forward to getting this to work for all videos, regardless of source or format.

  16. I’ve downloaded both gallery theme and thematic and activated them. But why the main page thumbnails show the default “NA” images instead of my pictures?

    Also when I clicked the image in main page, it goes to second page but why the image is on the right side (the place where should shows the description etc), leaving the left side with default unclickable “NA” image?

    How to fix the problem? BTW, I used WP 2.9.1.


    1. @Mars: Having a bitch of a time myself getting the post thumbs:
      if( $thumbnail ):
      echo ‘ID, ‘thumbnail’, true) to show up on the main page, instead of :
      img class=”attachment-thumbnail” src=”‘ . get_bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) . ‘/images/thumbnail-default.jpg

      That “thumbnail-default.jpg” is the exact “NA” image you are referring to!

      I updated parent and child themes and ran the regenerate thumbnail plugin like he told me to but I still can’t get it to work. I can’t make heads or tails of the PHP when looking at the theme files in my FTP client. I downloaded the whole install and will try to run it offline using NetBeans and MAMP if I can figure out all the mySql settings and stuff.

  17. Hello Chris,
    I’m getting all post in vertical manner, but the gallery picture shows that it should be horizontal ie, 7 column in 1 row. I’m stuck here please help

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