Wpazo: The Best WordPress Stuff

I’ve got a new project I’m really excited to share with you. In fact, it’s all about sharing. It’s my new home for all the best WordPress stuff—Plugins, Tutorials, Themes, Good ideas—the stuff I find on my crawls through the WordPress-flavored web. It’s easy to spell and it’s fun to say.

It’s Wpazo. Check it out and then come back here to find out more about it.

Why Wpazo?

I started Wpazo because I needed to. I needed another outlet to share what I’ve learned with WordPress—as I’m learning it. I wanted a place to highlight all the awesome free themes I’m seeing everyday that aren’t getting featured anywhere. The amazing plugins I’m seeing. The tutorials that change how we use WordPress—and change us too. The tutorials that make us smarter users.

If someone’s new to WordPress I want them to be able to subscribe to Wpazo and be an expert swimmer in the WordPress waters after the first month. If someone’s an expert, I want them to be able to subscribe to Wpazo and get only the good stuff. None of the lamer linkbait we all know and hate.

Also, I just plain like sharing stuff. You know?

Anyway, what will probably be more immediately beneficial to readers of ThemeShaper is this: I built it using Thematic in less than 3 hours. Actually, the basic functionality of turning Thematic into a category-based Theme more concerned with linking out took 5 minutes. Basically as fast as I could type and refresh to check my changes. The rest of the development time was me fooling around with the layout and some smaller details.

Want to know more? I’ll use Wpazo as the basis for a tutorial in the next to last part of my post series on How To Modify WordPress Themes The Smart Way. I’ll show you how I built it and hopefully you’ll see how you can build anything with Thematic too.

Help Wpazo Get Started

If you like Wpazo there’s 2 things you can do to help it out.

  1. First, you can submit a link to Wpazo. I don’t see everything in the WordPress world and Wpazo is all about shining a light on the diamonds in the rough. I want to see those links. I don’t even care if you send me links only to your stuff. It’s probably pretty good! I just like seeing good WordPress stuff. If I think it’s really good, new, exciting or useful, I’ll share it on Wpazo.

  2. Second, I need people to share with. If you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate any link to Wpazo you’d be willing to push on Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg or Twitter. Or wherever. Blogs need readers and they all need a push at the start.

9 thoughts on “Wpazo: The Best WordPress Stuff”

  1. Hi Ian

    I just wanted to share a little thought on wpazo (where I’ve submitted a couple a couple of WP tips and tricks).

    I think it would increase the number of participants, if there was linkbacks to the submitters. This could be done a number of ways.

    My thought is that you could borrow some of the features from the p2 theme. You’ve probably already seen this video, but I’ll link to it anyway: http://wordpress.tv/2009/05/06/p2-theme I think this would dramatically increase the number of great tips (but probably also the number of terrible ones 🙂 )

    To ensure quality, you could give the opportunity to show the top rated tips of say the last 30 days with a plugin like wp-postrating.

    You could also use the intense debate plugin for comments, but I think it looks a bit messy. Too much stuff, but it has a neat feature of telling how many people have rated a commenters comments positively.

    1. I definitely plan on adding post ratings sometime in the future. Along with a popular page. It depends on how people wind up using the site.

      Linking back to the submitters … Not right now. I wouldn’t want to have the site gamed or gameable in any way. But I do have some plans on making it a little more participative in the future. We’ll see.

      Comments … I briefly thought about adding comments but I’d rather people chose to participate in the posts being linked to. Plus, I don’t want to be slowed down moderating comments on Wpazo. I just want to promote good stuff and make other people look good.

      Sometimes—most times—simpler is better.

      And thanks for the links and suggestions, Thomas!

      1. OK, thanks for the clarification. I’ll keep links coming when I find them.

        And by the way, great initiative. I like the stuff you’ve found so far a lot of fantastic tips.

  2. Tis really nice, im subed to the feed already. Keep up the good work.

    Be good if you could release the theme your using there for download, would bring load of traffic.

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