Sleek Pique

Pique (pronounced “peek”) made its debut in the repository this week. A spiffy scrolling front-page theme crafted by Automattic’s Sarah Semark, Pique lets you add up to eight panels to the homepage by choosing static pages via the Customizer.

Designed with coffee shops in mind, Pique is a great fit for many types of small businesses. It supports a logo or customer testimonials with Jetpack and can display a custom menu in both the header and footer. Check it out!

Pique screenshot

Author: Kathryn P.

Theme Whisperer at Automattic, web designer, WordPress enthusiast and baker extraordinaire.

3 thoughts on “Sleek Pique”

  1. I tried to use free themes for so long before I finally invested in a paid theme and I can’t believe that I struggled for so long with themes that were really terrible. I’m sure there are some really decent ones, but personally, I would never go back to a free one.

    1. We are pretty proud of the quality of our free-theme collection at Automattic, but I can understand having bad experiences before. 🙂

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